The Wisdom

"The heart is the hub of all sacred spaces, go there and roam"

Bhagwan Nityananda

The ancient teachings of Tantra have always been pointing to the pure awareness which is the sacred core of all creation, this is the inner light that radiates through all life. It is this light that draws us to little children, it is this light that we fall in love within our beloved, it is this light that moves us to seek the divine.

The ancient masters called it ‘Hridayam’, the radiant heart of life. Here they are not referring to the heart chakra rather to a deeper subtler center of consciousness which is the key to one’s inner life and the tantric path is one that offers many powerful tools of contacting this space.

"I have visited in my wanderings shrines and other places of pilgrimage, But I have not seen another shrine blissful like my own body"

Mahasiddha Saraha

The Tantric journey is not a long struggle to go beyond our limitations by the sheer force of exertion, rather is a delightful path of self-discovery. It is not about achieving some fixed state but to deepen into this blissful heart of awareness.

“All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that even the ocean merges into the drop”


This inner heart is the sacred ground where the individual and the universe meet. Step by step, we move closer to who we truly are and our life becomes a joyful expression of this discovery.

The Path

Held as the pinnacle teachings of the Tantra Yoga tradition, these series of advanced yogic practices have for long been kept hidden with only spare references given in some Tantric texts. Meant to be shared only within the safety of a guru-disciple relationship, the Tantra Kriyas provide an extraordinary path to transformation.

Unlike the approach of Classical Yoga, no attempt is made to work with the mind, instead higher states of energy are awakened which lead to a totally different level of consciousness where the chatter of the surface mind becomes irrelevant. In this radical approach of transformation, instead of seeking to concentrate the mental faculty, we systematically dismantle the limiting forces within the mind.

We practice a number of individual techniques simultaneously, thus engaging several aspects of self at the same time. We combine pranayama (breathing practices), mantra (sacred sound), nadi and chakra (subtle body) and mudra and bandha (neuromuscular locks) all done together in a seated posture.

These practices converge all the energies, gross and subtle, into a ‘Bindu’ in the middle of the mandala of one’s being. This is the gateway to meditation.


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Sadashiva is a highly experienced teacher rooted in the ancient lineage of Tantric wisdom and informed by his training in contemporary psychology. For the last 3 years he has been extensively teaching in different parts of Russia where he’s been offering classes, seminars and retreats initiating people from all walks of life into the powerful stream of Tantric sciences.

His students range from actors and singers to educationists, doctors and professionals. He has over 14 years of experience, teaching Yoga and Meditation to varied groups of people - from UN bodies to call centers, urban yoga studios to retreat centers. He has facilitated intensive residential weekend retreats at the Global Meditation Center, Gurgaon. Apart from this he has designed and executed curriculums in awareness training for schools and colleges for students and teachers.

  • Graduated from a year long residential training at the birth place of Satyananda Yoga, the Bihar School of Yoga.
  • Masters degree in Applied Psychology with a specialization in psychotherapeutics, Health Psychology
  • Initiated by the renowned master Paramahansa Niranjanada, who gave him a spiritual name ‘Sadashiva’
  • An intensive residential training in advanced practices of the Tantric tradition with Swami Janakananda at his Ashram in Sweden. Here he was initiated into the ancient practice of Kundalini Kriya yoga
  • Authorized to teach Osho’s active meditations from the Osho commune, Pune.
  • Currently being mentored by Sw. Ananda Kapila Saraswati who holds the ancient Bengali Kriya tradition.


Paramahamsa Satyanana Paramahamsaji was a master technician who revived the wisdom of yoga from ancient Tantric scriptures and made it accessible to the modern aspirant. He brought to life powerful ancient practices such as the tantric Kriya yoga, Anatar mauna, Ajapa dharana, Yoga nidra, etc. about which one only found vague references in tantric literature

Swami Niranjanananda Swami Niranjan has guided the activities of Bihar School of Yoga and the International Yoga Research Foundation. He was chosen as Swami Satyananda’s spiritual successor, inheriting the role of guiding the activities of Satyananda Yoga worldwide


  • “As a result of daily this practice I have seen changes in all areas of my personal and work life. It has increased my stamina; I can work longer and get less tired. I am glad that I am now able to reach to a sense of inner stability quickly. It’s easy for me to "let go of" any worrying situations. I adopted this method because it is a very dynamic one and matches my rhythm of life.”

    - Dr. Irina Tatarnikova
    Owner, Aesthetic Medicine Clinic ‘Absolutmed’, Moscow, Russia
  • “I am pleased to share the effect of the practice. I must admit, it was a big break: unforeseen health problems. But after the break, the positive effect has simply poured into many aspects of my everyday life. I want to share the most important thing that I felt most clearly. Through practice, I found inner stability, which has allowed me to decide on a career change. So, I decided not only within, but also took a step toward this dream.”

    - Alexandra
    Customer Manager, Kerala Center for Yoga & Ayurveda, Moscow, Russia
  • “I am so grateful to Sadashiva for teaching me the practices which helped me to connect to myself and my baby during pregnancy. He helped me experience the most sacred space inside me. It gives you a sense of deep fulfillment to be able to create a healthy and nurturing space for your baby. Thank you so much for making this transformation of women to mother so joyful. I highly recommend this programme for any mama to be.”

    - Jaswinder Kaur
    Educator, The Heritage School, Gurgaon, India
  • Out of the different ways in which the practices touched my life, the most profound was my relationship with my daughter. The practice slowly helped develop clarity in the way I received her, in the way I saw her. My daughter is a person with special needs and raising her came with its own share of challenges. A regular and steady practice helped me slow down and take more charge of the present. I was able to observe, understand and respond to her in ways that could help her grow. To be able to hone the capacity to intuitively connect, communicate, love and transform a child is probably the greatest gift I could have received as a mother and the practices opened this up and they continue to do so!

    - Lakshmi Singh
    Engineer, Educationist, California, USA
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